Networking IQ Quiz

Welcome!  Whether you're here out of curiosity or looking for ways to take your networking to the next level, I’m glad you’re here. Networking is an essentail component to business development but it's only as effective as your strategy and tools!  Your future success is determined by the steps you take today – that’s where we want to help.

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I. Skills & Strategies

1. I have step-by-step strategy to maximize my opportunity with EVERY contact I make when networking.

2. I have an effective process for networking "digitally" on all my social media platforms.

3. I have an automated follow-up process that creates 7 points of contact with each new lead.

4. I make powerful introductions that generates new opportunities for me and my network.

II. Qualifiers

1. I can determine if someone is a good fit after the first encounter.

2. I have a process for how I connect with new people.

3. I have a system in place that helps me nurture my relationships through every stage.

4. I use different communication methods based on a variety of factors.

5. I can determine how to move a conversation forward based on someone's interest and talents.

III. Tools

1. I utilize tools other than my email to track who I talk with, what was discussed and next steps.

2. My tools help me track the amount of annual income that comes from my networking efforts.

3. I track which networking activities bring me the most opportunities.

4. My tool calculates my average sale.

5. My tool help me track how much time I spend networking and its effectiveness.

IV. Segmentation

1. I group the people I meet based on the types of relationships I want to cultivate.

2. I am able to track and nurture the various relationships in my CRM.

3. I personalize my email communications with my network based on their interests.

4. I provide valuable insights to my network based on how they're segmented in my CRM.

5. When I network, I look for more than leads and prospects.

V. Consistency

1. I follow up with everyone in my network at least 5 times.

2. I consistently use reminders to keep track of the number of times I reach out to my network .

3. I keep detailed notes of my conversations with my network.

4. My notes and contact information are in a centralized place I can easily access when needed.

5. I always deliver on promises and commitments to my network.

VI. Next Steps

1. I am ready and willing to discover exactly what's been holding me back from being more profitable.

2. I highly value the offer of a complimentary Discovery Session and would like to schedule one soon.

3. I am ready to invest in myself to get the support I need to experience breakthrough results in my business.

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